Who doesn’t like to save money while traveling and having a great time? I use Groupon or sites like it for huge savings during my trips. Groupon and LivingSocial, among others, are available in nearly every country in the world now. Although there may be strict terms to follow, spending a short amount time on one of these sites before I travel has saved me quite a bit of money or raised the standard of food I eat or experiences I can afford. Here are a few tips

better food-lower prices

When I plan trips I try to arrange at least one meal a day through deal sites. This way I still leave room in my schedule for spontaneity with eating choices, but also know I have paid appx. 50% of what I would’ve spent buying this meal without any discount. This is especially useful if I’m only in a town for a few days and may not have a chance to find my favorite corner cafe at an affordable price before I leave.

A variety of tours and experiences may be discounted as well. These tours are often overpriced in the first place. But when I factor in the “deals” discount it’s often still LESS than choosing a tour I would find walking down the street.

The map view of Groupon is particularly useful if I know what area of the town I”ll be staying in. If the “deal” I want is on the opposite side of town, I usually reconsider.

I try to buy only deals I know will be convenient to use. Watch closely as some deals terms only allow use on certain days of the week or only with a reservation.

When I’m using discount sites in a foreign language I can easily translate the entire page inside of Google Chrome. I can simply right-click on the page and choose “translate to English”. I use Paypal to pay whenever possible to avoid paying any foreign transaction fees.

*note, each Groupon site requires a separate username and password

Click HERE for a handy link to sign up for Groupon USA
Click HERE for a handy link to sign up for Groupon Poland
Click HERE for a handy link to sign up for Groupon U.K.
Click HERE for a handy link to sign up for LivingSocial USA




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