“He went out, not knowing where he was going.” Hebrews 11:8


We are all going somewhere. Even those who chose to stay put geographically. This old text from the book of Hebrews inspired me in a new way today. It resonates deeply with a “searching” that many of us find ourselves in while taking steps of “faith” in our lives. ┬áThere is NOT ONLY a spiritual implication to this text, but also a inerhently human one.


Sometimes the choices we make do not direct us TOWARDS a specific identifiable end. They are only choices AWAY from something we are already familiar with. For example, I remember choosing to leave my family farm when I was 19 years old to pursue an education in sound engineering. This meant I had to leave the farm and apply myself to studying. In this choice I did not know where I was going, only THAT I WAS GOING. (I wound up studying in IRELAND) The choice to leave the familiar is challenging.I needed to place some level of trust in my own ability to make a choice. (for many including myself) A trust in a higher power also, to lead me safely to my final destination. (figuratively, and literally)


This text may not contain the destination details for this Unsettled Settler. But it clearly shows that this individual felt so strongly about GOING that HE WENT. As I read this, I’m encouraged to put away my fear about taking steps towards something not yet totally defined. There are many times where I made choices and started 2nd guessing myself. I often find myself caught between anxiety or not caring anymore. This third option of accepting an unknown destination appears to have the best outcome.

Maybe it’s the choice to end a relationship does not build you up or that is harming you? Or a choice to physically change locations and live a new life somewhere else? Maybe it’s the choice to pursue a new passion or art? Or finding a way to “reset” an existing relationship? Whatever you mean to do, wherever you believe you should go. The most important part is to “go out” and take faith that many unsettled settlers before you have started their journey unsure of where they were going.





Charles Driscoll is a writer/blogger, musician, entrepreneur and an explorer of humanity. Learning to take the time to enjoy life, love, share and encourage others. You can follow his blog at www.theunsettledsettler.com. You can also find his musical musings at www.rivertidemusic.com