January 2018


5 ways to Success (Satire)

5 ways to success

“Have you ever dreamed of making $100k or more each year through social media and online marketing?”

“Build an online following with as little as 2hr’s per week that will generate HUGE revenue”

“Learn more how I quit my day job and now earn over 10k per month while traveling”

“I started investing in cryptocurrency with no previous experience. Join me on a path to $1million in 2018”

Do you suffer from FOMO?(click HERE for definition) Maybe you have read quotes like the ones above and it made you feel insecure about your “foolish” choice to remain in your current job. The job that does not earn a 6-figure income. The job that doesn’t involve posting beachwear pictures of yourself somewhere in the tropics while working online. Do you wonder what you need to do to sip expensive mixed drinks in the corner of 5* hotels’ rooftop infinity pool and get paid for it? Look no further, this article is for you. Here are 5 ways to success.

1. Make your life all about others

After reading many self-help articles and spiritual quotes online I’ve learned it’s important that the focus of my life is about others. Please don’t misunderstand. This does not mean making sure others around me are cared for, or living in a way that is selfless. *note (care/being selfless cannot be monetized) I mean making sure every action (or picture I post) revolves around others approval.  This is the only way to true happiness and success.

2. realize a “like” or “follow” is the same as someone liking you

It’s easy to get discouraged in a world where “people” ask you to waste your time with them in a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant. So much time is wasted in these conversations that may only be deeply relevant to this individuals journey in life or well-being. These contacts, as warm and affectionate as they seem to be, detract from what’s truly valuable in life….Online presence.  *”people” A term used to describe individuals requesting inconvenient face to face interactions. These are not yet true “friends” or “followers”.

3. If you are not earning money online you are earning the wrong way

Everyone knows how the industrial revolution changed the way “work” was done. Those who were unable to adapt to the changing economic model were left behind. Without picking up a hammer, carpenters and other tradesmen have already found success building entire houses on Instagram and Youtube. Houses constructed digitally will make up over 20% of all builds by the year 2025.

4. Cryptocurrency

There are two types of people in this world. Stupid people, and those who invest in cryptocurrencies. Consider this, if you still believe that working is the best way to earn money. This is also the best way to contribute to the greater good around you. Each dollar earned through crypto investments directly impacts issues like world hunger. Because when I have MORE, I”m less likely to sympathize with the negative feelings associated with poverty. Investing in Bitcoin is investing in the future. Fast-food was the best thing since sliced bread. Whats even better than fast-food? Fast money.

5.reject jobs requiring time or effort

If there’s one takeaway that’s obvious it’s that any desirable job will not require much time or effort. If you consider the vast majority of successful people in the past 100 years it’s clear their success can be attributed to working as little as possible. Their vision from the beginning revolved around making as much money as quickly as possible. These individuals realized early in their careers that ALL work they would be willing to do should be fun, enjoyable and self-fulfilling. These are the building blocks of long-term success. (click HERE for an article I wrote about worthless jobs)

Now that you have learned all 5 ways you can find success in life, go share this on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s go viral with this. Like an epidemic.

*Let me finish by saying I am not against having money or earning it. I don’t mean to imply anything negative about people who have had financial success. Success like this often me to obsess over how to earn it and stress myself thinking about it. This article was written to alleviate some of that pressure.




A Future of More With Less

A Future of More With Less

Around new years I see articles and interviews about planning for the future. Resolutions, reasonable goals and the preparations needed to have everything we dreamed of having before. What about the idea of having less, for more fullness of life in the new year?

Having Less (things)

I recently watched an excellent documentary on Netflix called “The Minimalists“. It explores the lives and mindset of individuals who practice “minimalism”.  Click HERE for a definition of this term from the guys featured in the film. Although their paths to (intentional/deliberate) minimalism are varied they all reached a conclusion having fewer things was an important part of improving their lives. For some, the death of a close family member that they never seemed to have time to visit. For others, a meteoric rise to financial success. Then finding only emptiness and loneliness at the destination they had dreamed of reaching all their life. These individuals started making choices to intentionally have less an consume less.

Having less (control)

I LOVE to have control. I’m not talking about self-control that allows me to say “no” to unhealthy behaviors or choices. (that is a good one to have) I mean dictator level of control over myself (my emotions primarily) and upon closer look, I also want control over the way others think and feel about me. If I believe someone doesn’t like me or approve of me to the degree I want them to, I find myself motivated to take action.  Willing to sacrifice my spare time, my own emotional well being and self-respect in an effort to manipulate and control their emotions to the status I WANT them to have. It’s important that I make intentional choices to allow others to think and feel what they want. This allows me to focus on being responsible with and for my own emotions. It’s a huge relief to not feel obligated to (take care) of everyone else’s needs while overlooking my own.

Having more (freedom)

Having fewer physical possessions and fewer financial obligations = having more freedom. Specifically, freedom of how to spend my time. When there is less financial pressure, working overtime may not look as appealing as spending time attending a favorite concert, taking a walk in the park, or reading a book? The list could go on and on. In my own life, my choice to have less financially and materially resulted in much more fullness relationally. And much less stress trying to think of ways to earn more to pay for all the “extra’s”. The people interviewed in “The Minimalists” benefited in similar ways. More time for family, less stress, less harmful impact on the earth (pollution/consumption) and a changed perspective on what they value most in life. 

Having more (peace)

I am learning how to surrender control and understand what things around me I have no power to change. While taking these steps I am finding more peace in my life. I am also amazed at how much easier it is to forgive others and accept their choices when I stop trying to take responsibility for how they will react to something I say, do, or do NOT do. I”m certainly not advocating being a jerk towards others, or being inconsiderate. Think of the old teaching of Jesus known as the Golden Rule”Treat others as you want them to treat you”. At the same moment, I am not obligated to do everything the way someone else (or a society) expects me to.  Realizing what I am responsible for and what I am not, also helps me steer clear of unhealthy/unfair feelings of guilt that others may try to send my way if I make a choice that they do not agree with.

I am aware of some changes I could make in my life to better my future. But being aware isn’t the same as realizing change. Intentional living, deliberate choices, and sensitivity to moments of clarity and inspiration. Learning to respect moments of truth in my life and take action towards them has proven to be one of the biggest challenges! I’m looking forward to a future with less. Fewer things, less pressure, less stress.  I’d appreciate any feedback or comments about how you have managed to cut back to have a more fulfilling life!