The Unsettled Settler

“It’s about time you settle down, isn’t it?”
“Maybe you should settle for this right now.”
“He/She’ll never settle down.”

These are some common phrases heard around the world. Words maybe spoken in love (or fear/anger) to a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild.
But what does it mean to hear those words, when inside something feels more “unsettled” than permanent?
The “unsettled settler”.

Some call it escaping. Others call it growing; Running away or stepping forward?… Laziness or fully living?… Quitting or just beginning?

The goal is not turn against society, to be obstinate or ornery. But to have a life enriched with experience beyond the ordinary.

To “settle” used  to involve taking risks, traveling across an unknown land beyond the edge of “comfort and common”. This was not a negative trait during those early years of civilization. It was human nature. We still carry this nature with us today.

There are many ways to traverse across the unknown , traveling certainly can inspire but travel itself seldom grows a person. The choice to take interest in things unknown, to open your mind beyond the familiar to have the strength and independence to live not only according to the rule of society and expectation of those around you.

In this blog I will share some stories of growing up as an “unsettled settler” in a rural post-industrial midwest and my journey since then. I always had a strong desire to travel, explore and meet new and interesting people, but after starting a business and allowing it to take over my life and well being, I responsibly quit and spent time abroad in an effort to get a balanced view on life, my purpose and passions and what  I consider “of value” in my life.  I also hope to have other “settlers” share some of their own experiences that will inspire others to push the boundaries they currently have around themselves and give courage that it is NEVER to late to make choices you believe in no matter how “unknown” the path, how challenging the work, or absurd the thought.

Go, explore, learn, dream.

The “unsettled settler”